Discover drugs with Deep Physics and AI
What we do

Aqemia is a deep-tech start-up in drug discovery. We are building on breakthrough physics theory and unique software to find promising drug candidates among millions of molecules.


Aqemia's software predicts the affinity between drug candidates and therapeutic targets responsible for diseases. The speed and accuracy of our software allows to screen up to million molecules in few weeks.

Our ambition is to disrupt upstream drug discovery through a combination of our proprietary physics-based technology and machine learning to generate innovative drugs.

Our technology

Aqemia’s unique technology derives from 8 years of fundamental academic research mainly at École normale supérieure (ENS Ulm), Paris. It has been developed by a multidisciplinary team at the crossroads of theoretical chemistry, physics and mathematics led by Maximilien Levesque, Aqemia’s CEO.

Aqemia’s proprietary technology is licensed by an academic consortium led by Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) University.


We are a mix of Science and Business, and we love to solve difficult problems on topics that matter.

Maximilien Levesque
Emmanuelle Martiano

I have worked as a Researcher for the past 9 years at ENS, CEA Saclay, Cambridge, Oxford, CNRS
I specialize in statistical mechanics and artificial intelligence. I developped Aqemia core technology with my research team

I love science, gifs and complicated stories made simple

I have worked as a strategy consultant at BCG in the past 9 years

I designed and executed projects with my teams for Pharma and B2B software company leaders

I love to discover new topics and people, diving and bring impact through science

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