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HPC developer

 Job description 

About Aqemia 

Aqemia is a deep-tech start-up in drug discovery. We are building on breakthrough physics theory and unique software to find promising drug candidates among millions of molecules.

Aqemia's software predicts the affinity between drug candidates and therapeutic targets responsible for diseases. The speed and accuracy of our software allows to screen up to million molecules in few weeks.

Our ambition is to disrupt upstream drug discovery through a combination of our proprietary physics-based technology and machine learning to generate innovative drugs.

If this sounds exciting to you, come and join us ! 

Job description

Aqemia relies on a unique theory of statistical mechanics developed for 8 years at ENS Ulm and high performance algorithms.​ You will optimize key kernels of the code to enable screening of 100k+ molecules databases in few weeks.

Your role: Increase performance of Aqemia initial algorithms by transforming them with cutting-edge optimized HPC code

Your day to day responsibilities:

  • Optimize algorithms in terms of speed and memory

  • Adapt selected kernels for GPUs

Preferred experience


Your profile:

  • You have 3+ years experience in HPC coding (e.g., at Nvidia, Maison de la simulation, IDRIS, Nec, Intel, …)

  • You know what MPI, OpenMP, threads mean

  • You are fluent in C++, modern Fortan, CUDA or any other HPC language

  • You are familiar with cloud computing

  • Python knowledge is a plus 

  • Chemistry basics are a plus

You should join us if…

  • You are excited about the future of super computing and embarrassingly parallel computing

  • You are passionate about solving difficult problems on places that really matter

  • You are curious, willingful and dynamic

  • You want to grow and help others grow as well

  • You are keen to take unpaved roads when it is the best way to have an impact

You do not fit in those job descs but are excited by this adventure? Contact us!