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Working at Aqemia

Aqemia is a deeptech startup willing to disrupt drug discovery.

Science is at the heart of Aqemia with a unique technology developed by Aqemia’s CEO and his research team at Ecole normale supérieure (ENS Ulm), at the cross-roads of statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence.


As part of our team, you will participate to make an impact on a critical challenge: discovering drug candidates to cure key diseases. You will work in an inter-disciplinary team of drug hunters, software developers and AI developers.

You will also have a strong impact in Aqemia’s young culture and ambition.

On a day to day basis, you'll be located at Agoranov, a top deeptech incubator in Paris.

In silico Drug hunting team

Aqemia aims at finding the best hits and leads for Pharmas and Biotechs clients, leveraging its software to predict accurately drug-target affinities.

You will be developing Aqemia’s pilot projects in order to demonstrate and improve our value on drug discovery pipeline.

Senior drug hunter
Drug hunter
Software development team

Aqemia relies on a unique theory of statistical mechanics developed for 8 years at ENS Ulm and high performance algorithms.

You will optimize key kernels of the code to enable screening of 100k+ molecules in few weeks.

Software developer
HPC developer
AI team

Aqemia's technology is based on a disruptive physics theory enabling fast and accurate calculation of affinity between molecules.

You will develop generative algorithms to design molecules, guided by our proprietary scoring of affinity.

You will participate to a shift of paradigm in drug discovery: from database screening to de novo drug design.

Senior AI developer
AI developer
Data scientist

You do not fit in those job descs but are excited by this adventure? Contact us!


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