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Drug Discovery Project Leader

 Job description 

About Aqemia 

Aqemia is an in silico drug discovery start-up, whose ambition is to discover rapidly more innovative therapeutic molecules with better chances of success.

How? Just like an AI can learn to play chess, Aqemia’s generative AI learns to invent relevant compounds thanks to unique Statistical Mechanics algorithms predicting drug-target affinity among other properties. 

Aqemia’s differentiation lies in its affinity prediction both accurate and 10 000x faster than competition, enabling efficient guidance of generation towards compounds with better chances to become drugs. 


Aqemia is a spin-off of the École Normale Supérieure Paris leveraging disruptive algorithms from 8 years of research. Aqemia’s team is composed of high profiles at the crossroads of Medicinal Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence.


We’re looking for a senior drug hunter to join our core team and make an impact on a critical challenge: discovering drug candidates to cure key diseases. You will work in an interdisciplinary team of medicinal chemists,  physicists and machine learning engineers.

Founded in June 2019, we have raised €1.6M with leading VC fund Elaia Partners and Bpifrance.


If this sounds exciting to you, come and join us!

Job description

As a Drug Discovery Project Leader, you will leverage our drug discovery pipeline and interact with the team to develop project specific approaches that yield new drug candidates.


Your day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Develop Structural Biology knowledge and Bibliography about specific projects

  • Screen molecules using our drug-target affinity computation pipeline and other chemo-info softwares 

  • Propose and discuss relevant molecules with Aqemia drug hunting team and clients

  • Collaborate closely with AI team and bring your drug hunter perspective and insights

Preferred experience


Your profile:

  • You have 2-4+ years hands-on experience with in-silico drug discovery softwares/programming (including docking, screening…) 

  • You have a strong knowledge in Structural Biology and hands-on experience with protein preparation

  • You are really interested in signaling pathways and diseases’ mechanisms

  • Medicinal chemistry background is a plus

  • Experience in business environment (i.e. not only academic research) is a plus

You should join us if…

  • You are passionate about solving difficult problems on topics that really matter

  • You are curious, willingful and dynamic

  • You want to grow and help others grow as well

  • You like working collaboratively in an interdisciplinary, fast-paced environment

  • You believe in silico/AI can have strong impact on how to find new drugs

  • You want to join a small team to bring your own impact in drug discovery


To apply, send us your CV:​

Aqemia is growing fast. You do not fit in this job description but are excited by this adventure? 

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